How Craig McCaw Pioneered the Wireless Age

"Some said I was a 'crackpot' (many still do)."

You learn and you see an opportunity - a gap between what is and what should be. If one thinks in anthropological terms, if you go towards what should be, then eventually things will get there and you just have to work out the timing. With cellular telephony, in particular, we saw an enormous gap between what was and what should be. [The fixed phone system] makes absolutely no sense. It is machines dominating human beings. The idea that people went to a small cubicle, a six-by-ten office, and sat there all day at the end of a six-foot cord was anathema to me. If one thing is obvious, people will pay, will contribute something for control of their lives, the right to choose.” - Craig McCaw in Money from Thin Air, a biography written by O. Casey Corr.

Venture capitalist Bill Gurley once attended a talk by Bill Gates and was surprised to hear Gates call Craig McCaw one of the people he most admired. McCaw not only saw the potential of cellular telephony, an industry considered too small …

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