Seeing Buffett Clearly

Essays about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway.

Another obsession. Do you read to signal or to learn?
Did Buffett miss Graham's most important insight?
"Berkshire had a big task ahead. It solved that problem by avoiding bureaucracy and relying on one thoughtful leader as he kept improving and brought in…
"I cannot promise results, but I do promise this: a. Our investments will be chosen on the basis of value, not popularity. b. We will attempt to reduce…
"When Warren was a little boy collecting bottle caps, flinging papers day after day ... if you had asked him if he wanted to be the richest man on…
"Who buys individual stocks? It has become an old-timey hobby for the modestly wealthy and eccentric, like model railroading." Matt Levine
"I don’t have to make money in every game. There are all kinds of things I don’t know about. Too bad. The process is defining your area of competence…
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