Indulgent repetition, rapture ideology, and scale models of HumanOS
George Soros, China, Evergrande
“The key to success - and to real wealth - is long-term thinking.”
“I trade wherever it is legal to trade."
"The trick is not to predict an unknowable future, but to try to understand the present, and the probabilities of the various paths that may evolve fro…
“Probably none of us have ever lost so much money so fast in our lives.”
Whether students are ready or not, teachers appear everywhere.
"If you control your factories, you control your quality; if you control your distribution, you control your image."
"Nothing that deeply matters in business is new."
Thoughts on the book From Predators to Icons
“In business the secret is to seize opportunities.”
René Girard, Luke Burgis, Bernard Arnault, Amazon's memos